Santa Barbara Elopement Photography

Sharon + Erik's elopement

Santa Barbara Elopement Photography

I had the pleasure of photographing Sharon and Erik's elopement at the iconic Santa Barbara Courthouse. Their elopement was truly dreamy, with the courthouse's stunning Spanish-Colonial architecture providing a breathtaking backdrop for their intimate ceremony.

The unique of the historic building, with its intricate details and lush gardens, set a perfect scene that was both elegant and romantic.

Adding to the charm, the magnolia trees around the courthouse were just about to bloom, creating a unique and beautiful backdrop for their photos. We couldn't resist taking some shots underneath these magnificent trees, which added an extra touch of magic to the setting.

As the day progressed, the romantic vibe from Sharon and Erik was simply amazing! Their genuine love and affection for each other shone through every moment, making it a joy to capture. We moved to the beach just in time for sunset, where the sky was painted with hues that were way beyond beautiful. The serene waves and golden light created a magical atmosphere, enhancing the romance of their special day.

During the sunset beach photo session, Sharon and Erik had so much fun. They enjoyed the gorgeous sunset and had playful moments by the shore, which added a personal touch to their elopement photos. The joy and spontaneity of these moments made their photos truly unique and unforgettable. It was an incredible experience, filled with love, beauty, and the enchanting charm of Santa Barbara.

Vendor Credits.

Photography : @thedeareststill

Venue : @santabarbaracourthouse

Florist : @mis_florism

"Julie was great to work with! She was very professional but also so relatable. We feel so awkward taking photos and it was so natural with Julie. We had true candid moments and she captured them beautifully. It was exactly what I was looking for!"

—Jamie C.